As the rain
waters lawns,
snow whitens
valleys, waves
seek the beach,
so Your Love
floods the atrocious
void of my heart.
Too many years alone
among the crowds
to find myself
in the silence of the night.
Only You are my
new day.
Thank You Jesus.


 You sold me for nothing,
yet for me
you were valuable…
You’ve outflanked me
yet my heart
was always in front of you …
When you were away
my letters were not
in the storms of life
I came looking for you.
Even your opponents
became mine,
although stronger
left me
on the ground…
The only thing for me
mattered was to have youndefended.
For you my heart was beating,
of who path winding roads
before you.
Now our paths
split, you chose
the seemingly easy,
between smiles and lies,
between jostling and elbowing
between majority.
Farewell !
I hope you will not remain
always a loser,
with the black hole in the heart.
Now I have to go …
there is no more time.
My way
is uphill,
it brings on high peaks
and on soft clouds.
From here you cannot walk
to the detriment of othersnn…
Here you are lonely,
but I assure you
the view is wonderful!


Poem of a life
History of who leave
the imprisonment of the big,
descends from the carousel of the world,
from the chute of dreams,
from the seesaw of time.
No more sandpaper for the brain!
Speaks the silence of a heart
among those who do not listen.
Feelings for too long
detained, now thrown away,
in the sea, in the current of love…
in search of starry skies
and of solar horizons,
where the animals are free,
the men different,
the women real,
the air fresh,
the flowers coloured,
the children always happy …
there, where you meet the smile
of GOD.


Alone I was not
when Thou intricately woven me
in my mother’s womb
and tied me to her
with human bonds.
My first cry found
the welcome of who Thou
chose for me: Father,
mother and sister; then
my smile awaited the cry
of my brother.
Little I understood of so much cares
and love.
I wished to go beyond…
in distant lands… forgotten
by earth and sea.
Alone I was not, when from Your heaven
nnpatiently waited for me, while
I struggled to deny Thy
existence and to the consciousness
I put a gag.


At one time I was free
as the wind
on the seashore.
Then I was caught …
But I
never surrendered.
For me to run
was everything;
todaynnI stopped, but
I met
the mighty Saviour …
He donated
His life in exchange
for mine.
His grace won me and
I surrendered to Him,
the only begotten Son of God.
Now I’m really
free, and together with
the persecuted in Christ
I fly high as
eagles, waiting
in the freedom of the Spirit
His glorious return.


Tree roots,
naked in the land,
sometimes fresh
sometimes burnt.
From it draws strength the trunk,
rigidity the bark.
The branches are intertwined,
they rise in search
of the rainbow colours
and of the spring song.
The season of love
estranges the tree from itself
With a smiling embrace.
In these times
the battle of life Inwas losing
and in the dust the enemy
of my soul threw me down
and of hell
someone thrown open the doors.
Ofnnmy glory only the
cry remained. You, the Almighty,
came down to me as the
Mighty saviour who
saves, “I AM” the Way,
the Truth and the Life.
Thank you Lord Jesus for
giving me a new life,
overflowing with Peace, Joy
and Love.
Only you have been able to fill
that God-shaped emptiness of my heart
Only I am not
now that I have Thou with me, always.


Thousand dreams of a ship,
in the glass bottle.
  Dreams of children.
  A soul in a life, for everyone.
Many preferred the safety of the bottle
and their ships became ornaments.
The most daring broke the bottles
  and the ships sailed
  on glass shards. From the porthole the sailor saw
his land disappear over the horizon.
Others saw a friend through
the glass of a visiting room.
  Young women ended up
  under the dim lights of the windows.
  some preferred
the syringes transparency.
  I watched in solitude
  the horizon from the mainland:
the secret was hidden on the bottom.
I tore it
  and my ship was found itself in open sea,
  between the cold waves, the wind
and the darkness of night, caressed
by the sun in the quiet of the calm sea.
Love was my compass
and I found my land.
Today I’m big , and I guard
a bottle with the ship inside.
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